This figure represents an increase of 14.6% in respect of 2015

The tourist offices of Lloret de Mar assisted a total of 101,145 people in 2016, representing an increase of 14.6% in respect of 2015, when a total of 88,256 visitors were assisted. This figure includes face-to-face visits at the offices and email or postal mail queries.

As far as the offices are concerned, almost half the queries were made at the centrally located office of the Maritime Museum (47%), 31% were made at the office located in the bus station (almost all the questions were about transport timetables), 17% were made at the central office on Avinguda de les Alegries and 5% were made at the information point on Fenals Beach, which is open in July and August.

As for nationalities, French and Spanish visitors made more face-to-face information requests than any other nationality with 31,403 and 27,535 assisted visitors, respectively. On a Spanish regional level, a significant number of queries were made by visitors from Catalonia, Andalusia and the Basque Country.

In terms of visitor profiles, the highest number of queries was made by the senior bracket with 39.4%, followed by adults with 28.3%, families with 15.6%, young people with 8% and couples with 5.3%.

This increase in assisted visitors was also reflected in the number of queries made through the tourism website of Lloret de Mar, www.lloretdemar.org. The site received 731,793 visits in 2016, an increase of more than 27,000 visits in respect of the previous year.

According to Elizabeth Keegan, Director of Lloret Turisme, “This year we’ve seen an increase in the number of face-to-face visits to tourist offices, reversing the downward trend of recent years. We’ve noted that visitors in the younger age bracket are those who visit our offices the least, since they’re typically more adept at using new technologies and searching for information online. According to our figures, more than 49% of the visits to the website are made with mobile devices. That’s why we’ll be working on a new website in 2017 that will be accessible from all devices, and with a fresher, more modern image.”

Lloret Turisme is the organisation entrusted with running the tourist offices of Lloret de Mar. The destination has three offices that are open all year round (the central office located at the entrance to the city, one in the Maritime Museum and one at the bus station) and a tourist information point at Fenals Beach that is open in July and August.


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