Lloret Film Office

What is Lloret Film Office?

Lloret Film Office is a department of Lloret Turisme, a municipal body responsible for the promotion of Lloret de Mar. It forms part of the BARCELONA-CATALUNYA FILM COMMISSION.

Lloret Film Office provides a broad range of free high-quality services for both national and international audiovisual productions filmed in Lloret de Mar in order to facilitate the necessary information for planning, enabling and producing work under the best conditions.

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Its main functions are:

  • To help production companies: our objective is to facilitate as far as possible the work of cinema and television production companies and thereby promote filming in our town.
  • To speed up procedures: in order to save time for producers, Lloret Film Office facilitates a rapid permit processing service at no additional cost.
  • To act as a consultant in the search for locations: we have a large image bank for the pre-selection of locations and have professionals available to help production companies in the search for and visits to locations, logistical consultancy and contacts with locally-based professionals from the audiovisual world, public administration, and collaboration with other commissions.
  • To provide support for local productions: we work together with local production companies on audiovisual productions and assist with their dissemination at national and international events.



  • Playstation Ronaldinho (2004), platja Lloret de Mar
  • Espot publicitari Ford Fiesta (2004), avinguda de Just Marlés/plaça de Pere Torrent
  • Espot publicitari Fanta (2004), cala Boadella
  • Espot T-mobile (2004), platja de Santa Cristina
  • Escenes pel·lícula Sahara (2004), cala Boadella
  • Espot nadalenc cava Codorniu (2005), Jardins Sant Clotilde
  • Espot Danao (2006), platja de Santa Cristina
  • Espot Coca Cola Light (2006), cala Boadella
  • Rodatge curtmetratge Currito de la Costa (2006), diverses localitzacions
  • Rodatge curtmetratge Días de invierno (2006), cementiri modernista
  • Videoclip cantaor José Mercé (2006), cala Boadella
  • Videoclip Eduardo Cruz (2006), cala Boadella
  • Espot publicitari Bach Il·lustríssim (2007), cala Boadella
  • Espot publicitari Seat Ibiza (2007), avinguda de Just Marlés
  • Espot publicitari marca Citroen C4 Picasso (2007), sa Caleta
  • Espot publicitari Multiopticas (2008), cala Boadella
  • Rodatge pel·lícula Las dos vidas de Andrés Rabadán (2008), platja de Santa Cristina
  • Espot publicitari Eroski (2008), platja de Lloret
  • Rodatge pel·lícula Cónsul de Sodoma (2009), platja de Santa Cristina
  • Rodatge curtmetratge Absència (2009), diverses localitzacions
  • Espot publicitari Tampax (2009), cala Banys
  • Espot publicitari Carrefour (2009), cala Canyelles
  • Espot publicitari Gillete Venus (2009), cala Boadella
  • Espot publicitari Cheetos Night & Day (2009), platja de Fenals
  • Espot publicitari Supermodelos (2009), cala Boadella
  • Espot publicitari San Miguel (2009), cala Boadella
  • Espot “Vecchia Romagna” (2010), cala Treumal
  • Rodatge pel·lícula Bollywood “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” (2010 ), cala Boadella
  • Rodatge anunci Danone Activia (2010), cala Treumal
  • Rodatge pel·lícula “The Pelayo’s” (2011), diverses localitzacions
  • Espot publicitari Pantene PRO-V (2011), platja Santa Cristina
  • Espot banc Mediolanum (2011), cala Boadella
  • Espot Almased (2011), platja de Santa Cristina
  • Espot publicitari Activia (2011), cala Canyelles
  • Espot publicitari La Sirena (2011), cala Boadella
  • Espot publicitari Movistar (2011), platja de Canyelles
  • Espot publicitari Damm Lemon (2011), platja Santa Cristina
  • Rodatge pel·lícula Fènix 1123 (2011), general
  • Espot publicitari Pans & Company (2012)
  • Espot publicitari Vodafone (2012), cala Boadella
  • Espot publicitari Amstel (2012), cala Treumal
  • Espot publicitari KAS (2012), platja de Santa Cristina
  • Espot publicitari Mc Donald’s (2012), platja de Canyelles
  • Kimi Raikkonen – Renault TV Spot – Renault Megane dCi (2013), cala Boadella
  • Rodatge pel·lícula Ismael (2013), cala Boadella
  • Rodatge curtmetratge Carne de gaviota (2013), cala Boadella
  • Espot publicitari banc VTB24 (2013), cala Boadella
  • Espot publicitari Vodafone (2013), cala Boadella
  • Espot publicitari Pans & Company (2013), cala Boadella
  • Espot publicitari Renault (2013), cala Boadella
  • Espot publicitari Coca Cola – CIEL (2013), diverses localitzacions
  • Espot publicitari Lidl (2013), cala Boadella
  • Espot publicitari Malibu (2013), platja de Santa Cristina
  • Espot publicitari Farris&Juice (2014), cala Boadella
  • Videoclip Inna – Cola Song (2014), cala Boadella
  • Espot publicitari Nintendo 2D (2014), cala Boadella
  • Espot publicitari Caprabo (2014), cala Boadella
  • Espot publicitari Lluïsa Vilà Núvies (2014), Jardins de Santa Clotilde


Escenari fotogràfic

  • Sessió fotogràfica marca Blaupunkt (2007), platja de Lloret de Mar
  • Sessió fotogràfica De Tapas Producciones (2009), platja Santa Cristina
  • Sessió fotogràfica Renault (2010 ), sa Caleta
  • Sessió fotogràfica Volkswagen (2010 ), sa Caleta
  • Sessió fotogràfica Sony (2010), cala Treumal
  • Sessió fotogràfica Pronovias per la Revista Hola (2010), Jardins de Santa Clotilde
  • Sessió fotogràfica TBS (2011), passeig de Jacint Verdaguer
  • Sessió fotogràfica Jardins Santa Clotilde (2011), Jardins Santa Clotilde
  • Sessió fotogràfica Yolancris (2012), Jardins Santa Clotilde
  • Sessió fotogràfica Menbur (2012), Jardins Santa Clotilde
  • Sessió fotogràfica Gotex Image 2013 (2012), cala Boadella
  • Sessió fotogràfica Marie Claire (2012), Jardins Santa Clotilde
  • Catàleg de moda OESE (2013), platja de Lloret
  • Sessió fotogràfica Telekom (2013), sa Boadella i platja de Santa Cristina

Processing of filming permits

Procedure for filming in Lloret de Mar:


Contact person: Anna Riera Raaymakers

Contact telephone number: 972 36 57 88 – Contact fax number: 972 36 77 50

Contact e-mail address: ariera@lloret.org



Once filled in, please return to ariera@lloret.org

2.1 2.1 If filming is to take place in several locations of the town, please bear in mind the following:

– It is possible that there are some areas in the town where authorisation must be sought from other entities in addition to the town council (beaches, port areas, natural parks, etc.). In such cases, please contact the corresponding management body.

– Vehicles must be parked in authorised spaces on public roads. Road sign regulations will be determined by town officials. Road and pedestrian traffic may not be stopped unless the permit specifically authorises otherwise.

PLEASE NOTE: Between April and May the beaches of Lloret may be affected by works to improve and prepare them for the summer season (assembly of beach kiosks, installation of showers and ramps, etc.), which may alter the appearance of the setting in respect of the visits made by location scouts.


Once it receives the filming enquiry form, the Lloret Film Office evaluates the feasibility of the request and calculates the corresponding fees for filming in Lloret de Mar.

Fees are calculated on the basis of the following local tax regulations:

Filming fees:

– Filming licence fee: 475 €.

– Photo shoot licence fee: €340.

Related local regulations:

– Local tax regulation 18. Fees for visits to museums, exhibitions, historical or artistic monuments, parks and gardens, and other centres.

– Local tax regulation 19. Fees for carrying out one-off activities for which the presence of the municipal police force is required.

– Local tax regulation 23. Regulation that sets forth the fees in force for the private or special use of local public spaces.



Once the receipt of payment has been handed in, the corresponding filming permit will be issued. The Mayor’s Office will send a copy of the permit to the affected departments: OIAC, Municipal Police Force and Lloret Film Office.

If the filming is to take place on the beach, a copy of the permit will also be sent to the Coastal Department. Permits will be sent to applicants by fax or by e-mail; alternatively, they can be collected at the Mayor’s Office of Lloret de Mar Town Council (Plaça de la Vila, 1). Opening times: 9:00 to 14:00.


5.1 IF ELEMENTS OF PUBLIC ROADS ARE DAMAGED The production company will bear the repair costs of the damaged elements.

5.2 INSURANCE The production company must show that it has a civil liability insurance policy that covers potential risks for third parties.

5.3 CLEANING The production company will be responsible for cleaning public roads after use.


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