Lloret de Mar presents interactive maps of the destination as part of World Tourism Day

The website https://maps.lloretdemar.org/ has been set up, which brings together all the maps and routes by thematic blocks of interest

The new destination map and agenda have also been presented

To coincide with World Tourism Day, Lloret Turisme today presented the destination’s interactive maps and routes project to some forty professionals from the Lloret tourism sector. This initiative has made it possible to geolocate all the maps available to Lloret Turisme with different themed areas such as cultural routes, beaches, active nature with all the hiking, road cycling and mountain biking routes, as well as the excursions available in the Girona area (Lloret HUB). All this information is available on the website http://maps.lloretdemar.org and can be easily consulted from any device with an internet connection.

In addition to providing accurate geographical information, these interactive maps offer other possibilities such as brief information and photos of the different elements of interest, camera zoom in and out and relief changes. In the words of the Mayor of Lloret, Jaume Dulsat, this project is part of the Smart Tourism Destination strategy that we have been implementing for several years now, and which is in line with the needs of demand, offering our visitors a useful and accurate tool that can be updated in real time. The development of this project has been carried out by the company BOLDest, a technology consultancy specialising in the creation of digital experiences.

In addition to the presentation of this project, the new map and diary of the destination were also presented, which have completely changed format to become a proposal that highlights the different attractions of Lloret through illustrated drawings. Elizabeth Keegan explains that the incorporation of new technologies and the widespread use of mobile devices have meant that traditional street maps and diaries are increasingly less in demand in physical format. These new promotional tools are designed as a vehicle for accessing the digital tools developed by Lloret Turisme, as well as being promotional materials that highlight the natural environment and cultural heritage of Lloret through personalised and unique illustrations.

Lloret Turisme has been working for years on digitalisation and adaptation to new technologies as a strategic pillar. In 2021, together with the Lloret de Mar Hotel Association, it launched a digital transformation plan for the destination’s private sector. In addition, Lloret Turisme has been incorporating various technological tools into its Tourist Offices to improve communication and customer service for visitors, such as the Tourism Intelligence Programme, WhatsApp services and the use of social networks.


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