Lloret Drone Festival becomes Spain’s first international drone festival

From 29 to 31 July, 100 drones will once again perform their large-format shows over the bay of Lloret

On each of the days there will be a different show by 3 prestigious companies

The Lloret Drone Festival, which held its first edition last year, makes the international leap this year and becomes the first festival of its kind in Spain. On Fridays in July and August last summer, the citizens and visitors to Lloret de Mar were able to enjoy this original and unique event that combines art and technology with a show designed and inspired by the town’s seafaring past.

The Lloret Drone Festival will be held this year from 29 to 31 July at 10.30 pm on Lloret beach with the following shows and companies:

  • 29 July. Celestial, United Kingdom. This past January they have organised a drone show in the port of Melbourne (Australia) with more than 350 drones and they also organised the Manchester City Premiere League.
  • 30th July. Flock Drone Art, Catalonia. It was awarded in 2021 by the prestigious UGCS, a world leader in the development of drone planning and control software, with the International Award for the best 100 drone show, for the show it put on at the Lloret Drone Festival last summer.
  • 31 July. Umiles, Madrid, Spain. Organisers of the show with 100 drones for the Brand Sport Weekend (June 2022).


The public can share their videos and photos on social media using the hashtag #LloretDroneFestival.

In the words of the Councillor for Economic Promotion, Jordi Orobitg, “Last year we presented a show that was already revolutionary and pioneering in Spain with these 100 devices flying simultaneously and in swarms, with the technological complexity that this entails. This year we are adding the attraction of giving it an international format, and incorporating some of the best companies in the sector in Europe, which will surely make the shows even more spectacular. On the other hand, this is clearly a brave decision to hold an event with a marked technological character, which, due to its great appeal, has a significant economic impact on the town, and positions the “Lloret de Mar” brand within the segment of unique, sustainable events with great added value”.

The festival, promoted by Lloret de Mar Town Council, once again relies on the Catalan company Flock Drone Art for the organisation, coordination and technical execution of all the shows.

This event has been made possible by the direct subsidy granted by the Girona Provincial Council for the actions of the Operational Plan for the renovation of the tourist destination of Lloret de Mar, years 2021 and 2022.

Participating companies:

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