Santa Clotilde house

The Santa Clotilde house is located in a stunning beauty spot on a clifftop between Fenals Beach and Cala Boadella (Lloret de Mar) on the Costa Brava.

The house and garden were commissioned by the Marquis of Roviralta of Santa Clotilde in 1933 and have an Italian influence; specifically they take their inspiration from the gardens of the Villa d’Este in Tivoli.

The garden is landscaped in different shades of green, while the house stands out for its wonderful sea views and large windows. The set of sculptures flanking the house and garden are in the neoclassical style and were acquired by the marquis during his travels around Europe.

The house comprises two floors with five bedrooms and two terraces, one of which is the central courtyard of the house, while the other overlooks the garden and Cala Boadella. The common areas comprise the entrance hall, the star room, the music room and the dining room.

The estate has parking facilities.